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    Mortgage Banking

    Mortgage Banking
    Mortgage Banking

    RML Advisors is a mortgage banking consultancy focused on risk management and strategic support.

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    Enterprise Risk

    Enterprise Risk Management
    Enterprise Risk Management

    As senior managers in financial services firms continue to face market and business volatility impacted by a wide range of external and internal factors.

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    Who we are

    Who we are

    We’re highly experienced, savvy mortgage bankers with CMB designations and proven accomplishments building and managing successful companies across the full spectrum of mortgage banking.

What We Do


We’re focused on helping clients manage enterprise risks with a disciplined cost-effective approach that gives stakeholders the critical tools

they need to control and monitor the wide range of mortgage banking risks:

  • Compliance Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Credit and Underwriting Risk
  • Strategic Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Third-party and Other Risks
Third-Party Management

With the increased regulatory focus on third-party relationship management that’s in place regardless if you’re supervised by a banking regulator or the CFPB, your lending business needs sensible and cost-effective third-party management processes along with supporting policies and procedures.

RML has a risk-based solution that’s geared to your individual needs and utilizes our proprietary risk model.

The RML Enterprise Risk Model

Given the wide range of risks confronting every mortgage banking enterprise, spending unnecessary dollars on intense management of low risks just isn’t productive. . . particularly in the current origination and servicing market where margins are under immense pressure. Thus, we’ve developed a proprietary model that focuses primarily
on high enterprise risks. The model recognizes risks vary for each individual company
  • Business Model
  • Strategy
  • Company Characteristics
After understanding the client’s specific business,
risks are rated on a high, moderate and low risk
scale. A customized assessment is then centered
around high risks and marginal moderate